The White Horse Sanctuary

my horse Aniversario, longing to express himself
my beautiful white Spanish horse Aniversario, longing to freedom, healing the world by being himself. ✌️

I’ve had a true calling the last week of September 2023 when I was on a horsetrail in Czech Republic. 


I saw a beautifull green hill with  seven white horses. My own white horse, called Aniversario, what means, Birthday, was one of them. They showed me that in spiritworld that they are our true healing masters. The True medical doctors instead of the human, in their white coats, led by Big Pharma.

The heartresonance of the horse is 5 to 10  times more powerful in reaching our inner being and selfhealing system. These frequencies are all measurable. By having intensively daily physical contact with a horse, it becomes easy spiritual  you remember truely who you are yourself. And that’s where the Magic happens.

That image of a green hill with a herd of galloping white horses upon is so attractive to most people, to tell the story about selfhealing and spirituality. About Light and Compassion as a road to the new Time.

I am a life artist. I had a pretty hard start. Overcame a lot of war-trauma of my family, addiction and raised two boys on my own. I did a lot of inner work and now I feel it is time to go into the world and Live truely my Selfexpression as an artist , a warrior and a healer by sharing my wisdom and contribute to the new world. By Speaking about and inspiring other people to go on the path of Light. I started three years ago by living my dream: buying a white horse of my own. Last year I lived in the woods in Germany in a caravan with my horse beside me. I discovered the wisdom of the horse as a Healer and a Loving Soul. We are talking the ancient Language of the Light and the Origin of Life.

I developed a course I call ‚the Truth of your Heart’, but mostly I write and think about the power of the heart. I call myself an cardiosopher,  and present my automatic writing about the truth of my heart on Instagram @Cardiosoof  and here on my website… As a result of my study Traditional Chines Medicine  I know about our energetic body and our informational being, working with the Spirit of my horse, and being a sensitive heartfull healing Artist, I understand that there is a Story to tell about our Heart, the Truth and the way to Heal ourselves to ourselves and unto the new world. And I know the White Horses are Leading here. I’ll tell you all about…

Are you inspired or are you inspired to contribute? Please share yourself and contact me.

Look at the marvelous hill I found last February in Southern Bohemes in Czech. You’ll get a sense of your Greatness here and start feeling in love with Life and the Wonder you are.

Here I felt Spirit trough me

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