What am I doing here? Beam me up!

When I was about one year old this picture is taken from me between my grandparents.

The photographer placed me on the bench surrounded by them with quite a lot of space in between or the distance between my grandparents and me is caused by that they wanted to have a good look of me. They looked at me like I was a strange but interesting creature. And I am. But I didn’t know that at the time, I wanted to be close held by my mum. I was a baby and needed to be nurtured.

I am a Projector in Human Design.

Ever since 2009 I know that I am different from most of the people. The human population exists for only 20% of Projectors. They are here to guide and to teach.

The first years of my life I tried to belong to the usual tribes like schoolclasses and my family. But it was a hard work that did not succeed very well. No I know that I have something different to do.

We are now approaching 2027. That’s the era where the frequencies on earth will change and the Projectors will be needed to lead. I am rejoicing and welcoming this Future and be finally able to do why I am here.

I am the Light #LikeYou

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